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Sunday, February 21, 2010


The greatest use of my life is to spend it on things (people) that will out last me. It is better to begin each day thinking victory, and not defeat; to awake to grace, not shame." Roy E. THINK VICTORY!

The POWER of the mind is amazing! Ask any olympic or elite athlete! Thank heavens God gave us strong minds. Let's use them to change our lives for the better and help others. You can meet your goals. You can be healthier, if you REALLY want to be. Find your reason and think of it often. Mine is my kids. I want to be healthy to live longer in a quality state to enjoy them and their activities. And to not have them take care of me as long as possible. I don't want to be a burden! So I try hard - for my family that Heavenly Father has blessed me with. That's my deepest reasons. Surface reasons are events that help me desire to get my foot out the door and train, because that's the hardest part - getting out the door! So get off the computer and couch and go do something today! It's worth it! Think VICTORY and get to work!
Keep smiling -
Coach Deb :0)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Happy New Year! With the New Year comes resolutions. Make sure you make them reasonable, measurable and accountable. Write them down. Look at them often and record your progress - on paper and to someone who you are going to be accountable to. It makes a BIG difference! Then visualize yourself doing or achieving that goal. Check at least once per week to see that you are still progressing on acheiving that goal. Start with baby steps - and rewards for achieving each step along the way. You want to stay motivated! Rewards help! Break a big goal down into smaller goals that will accomplish the big one and celebrate each step! Enjoy the journey! And/or the results! If you enjoy it, you will stick with it! Pick only a couple that you can work on and when you reach those, then you can pick a couple more - don't start with a huge list - it will be overwhelming! Work on a couple at a time and actually achieve them - it's exciting to set, work for and reach a goal! You can do it! Now get to work - and report back to me, so I can check your progress! You can do it! Your health is worth it! Your family is worth it! YOU are worth it! Now go work on your "AFTER" today! Coach Deb :0)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You can do it!

Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.
William Shakespeare

Never doubt yourself! Everyone has limitations and set-backs. You just work around those - and do what your body will safely allow and never give up! There is always something you can do - unless you are dead! So - go live your dreams! Remember your roots and make healthy choices - you can do this! And it is so worth it!

Do push-ups (on the wall if you need to start that way!) - jumping jacks - or just lifting a leg up and down - on commercials... get up and get moving - do what you can and you'll see results. CONSISTENT effort over time yields huge results! Don't give up - do something every day!

Now go get moving - make your"AFTER" happen today!
Coach Deb :0)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healthy Holidays!

Hello! This holiday choose healthier options! Try non-fat sour cream or plain non-fat yogert to replace high fat soups, mayo, and sour cream that do your body in. It still tastes great! Cut the butter in 1/2 - most recipes don't even matter if you do that. Munch on high fiber foods as a snack prior to your Thanksgiving meal so you can control how much you eat and that way you can eat the foods you like in smaller portions without gaining the typical 10 - 15 pounds of holiday weight during Nov. and Dec. Take care of your body. You want it to take care of your aging life, so treat it well and it will treat you better. It's so important to your quality of life!

I met with a 450 pound man - so sad to see where his choices have taken him - slowly over time - he can't believe it himself. Don't allow a few pounds to creep up on you every year, thinking it's only a few - they add up!! You owe it to yourself and family to make smart choices - TODAY! Every minute counts - don't blow the entire day because you blew a minute or two!

Update on "Dean" - he has lost 32.7 pounds in 5 weeks and is a contender for the corporate wide top winner! Three weeks left - and it's getting tough! The top contenders (and their trainers) are watching him close - he is up for the challenge though! This is really fun! Everyone else has experienced greater health in a variety of ways and love working together.

Now go get moving and start your"After" today!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Deb :0)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Holiday Parties

MONTHLY SPECIAL: With the holidays approaching fast, I'd like to offer "holiday parties!" We will get together for a minimal fee per person and take your favorite recipes apart and show you how to make them healthier! I'm so excited to re-vamp your favorites! We'll try a couple and let you see how tasty they still are! We'll talk about nutrition and also do some stretching so you know how to de-stress and stay relaxed as the hustle and bustle come up this holiday season.

If you choose to host a party with 4 guests that attend, your fee will be waived!

Leave a comment or email me @ to contact me regarding hosting/attending a holiday party.

Let's do this NOW before it gets too busy!

TRAINER TIP: Be sure you are getting enough water! As things cool down, you may not feel as thirsty, but your body still needs plenty of fluids - especially during the fall flu season and as your body adjusts to new temps, you'll need it to flush out those toxins and keep your immune system strong! 96 OZ. is the current recommendation per day - 3/4 gallon or 12 cups! Wow! At least get 8 cups a day at minimum! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables for fiber and healthy snacks and have them ready to go - all cut up. That way you can grab a quick healthy snack rather than all the unhealthy stuff around this time of year. I feel so much better when I eat better and get enough water. It makes a HUGE difference! It's worth it! (I do eat small amounts of fun stuff at times, though I am off candy and sweets for the duration of my BFC challenge with my team, and feeling great! Helps me remember how important it is to eat better!)

BFC UPDATE: "Dean" lost 18 pounds in two weeks, and tomorrow we weigh again!! One lady gained and said perhaps too much wine over the week-end! I agreed! It's a learning process - but they are all working hard and progressing. After three weeks now, they are all moving better - joint mobility is better - foundation is up - now we can hit the big moves! :) It's SO EXCITING to work with people and help them feel better physically and emotionally! I LOVE THIS!

Get moving today!
Coach Deb :0)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Perfect 10!

Did you know that losing just 10 pounds of weight is equivalent to 60 pounds of pressure off your knee joints! That's what I'd call a "perfect 10!"

In my first week of helping my team in a weight loss challenge, at California Family Fitness, one team member (we'll call this member DEAN = Doing Everything Asked Now) followed directions and advice perfectly and with diligence and lost 12.4 pounds! When I asked "Dean" if he felt a difference on his knees, he responded, "Oh Yeah!"

So - get moving today!